Shipyard Service and Marina Rates

Rates are subject to change without notice.
Not all services are listed. For a full list of rates and services call us at 802-985-3326

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Hourly Service Rates

$105.00 per hr
Services are numerous and varied; please call for estimates
Seasonal maintenance fees are listed on haul/launch forms
$60.00 per 1/4 hr

Boatyard Service Rates

Note: limited inside storage available

Haul, Winter Storage and Launch
Outside $42.25 /ft
Inside Powerboat $68.00 /ft
Inside Sailboat $82.50 /ft
Travelift Boat $45.50 /ft
(jackstand fee extra)

FREE BOTTOM WASH when hauled

Includes haul, storage on owner's cradle or trailer, and launch (Cradles are available for lease)

Inside Sailboat includes mast unstep and step

Travelift boats include catamarans and boats over 28,000 lbs

Winter Storage Only
Outside $26.00 /ft
Inside Powerboat $45.50 /ft
Storage Only
Summer Storage Only
Monthly Fee $4.50 /ft/Mo
Outside storage rate listed; For inside storage rate and availability 802-985-3326
Mast Unstep, Store and Step
$26.00 ft
Mast Step or Unstep
$10.00 /ft
Add $2.00 /boat ft if mast is placed on deck and secured for travel. Add $5.00 /boat ft if mast is prepped for land transport.
Boat Covering
$23.75 /ft
Includes covering and uncovering. Frames and canvas covers supplied by Shelburne Shipyard.
Dinghy Storage
Seasonal rate
Cradle Lease
Cradle Fabrication
For rates call 802-985-3326 and ask for Karen Claxton.

Marina Rates for 2020

Please call 802-985-3326 for availability.

$15.00 /tank
$90.00 /season
$101.00 /ft
$275.00 one cord
$400.00 two cords
Power or Sail No minimum charge
Seasonal Outside Valet
$101.00 per boat ft
Power boats less than 28' LOA
Includes unlimited lifts
Year-Round Inside Valet/Rack Storage
$144.50 /ft (for 2019/20)
Power boats less than 28' LOA
Includes unlimited lifts and inside winter storage

Current Service Dock Prices

Fuel prices subject to change

DIESEL: $2.95

GAS: $3.60
Ethanol Free, 91 Octane

PUMPOUT: $15 /tank




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